Integrity Capital Management, LLC (ICM) alleviates the burden of property ownership on residential and commercial property investors by acting as both scout and sentry to the owner’s interest throughout the engagement period.

ICM recognizes investors’ desire to excel at finding promising opportunities in the marketplace, which makes their time extremely valuable. The more effort investors are able to devote to furthering their investment pursuits the better their time and returns will be.

ICM’s value is fully realized for the property owner with these circumstances:

  • Lives far away from investment property
  • Is unable or unavailable to make frequent visits to the property
  • Owns multiple rental units and properties
  • Has limited experience with routine property maintenance and repairs
  • Is unable to quickly rent out a unit or property in event of any vacancy
  • Is unavailable to be on call 24/7/365 to tend to tenant needs
  • Is unfamiliar with current local and state laws governing landlords
  • Prefers to devote time and resources to other affairs