Integrity Capital is committed to being the consummate partner in the guardianship of owners’ properties. The firm, therefore, offers an expanded set of solutions to give owners greater familiarity and transparency into their properties’ operations.  We believe in a trilateral relationship between Owners, Tenants & ICM:

Owner (You)

  • Have clearly defined goals and expectations for your investment property and it’s dwellers
  • Understand stated terms, agreements, and laws in the state’s property
  • Offer preferences or courses of actions for advisement on property maintenance


  • Understand and honor all rental terms and agreements
  • Ensure the property’s general upkeep
  • Timely submit monthly payments
  • Timely report maintenance requests

Agent (Integrity)

  • Advise owner on property-related matters
  • Conduct property marketing and prospective tenant screening
  • Timely provide owner and tenant with invoices and statements
  • Timely serve owner and tenant relevant notices