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The following sections will guide you through a number of useful resources and information. These sections can be navigated via the main menu above.

Online Application

I am interested in applying, where can I get an application?

You can click Rental Application to download an application or email leasing@tiekc.com

Are there any fees related to applying for rentals?

Yes, there is a non-refundable screening fee. Please see our application page for more details and requirements. We will not process your application(s) until we receive the screening fee.

How much is the security deposit?

The security deposit is usually equal to one month’s rent. This could vary, depending on the property owner’s request and the results of your application. The security deposit is that and only that, the security deposit. It cannot be used as your last month’s rent.

Why do so many rentals say “No Pets”?

It is usually because the property owners have had bad experiences allowing pets in the past. Also, depending on the type of pets, the homeowner’s insurance may not allow them.

If a property owner will consider pets, it will be stated in the listing. However, there will be a separate pet deposit in addition to the required security deposit and monthly pet rent. All pet approvals are up to the owner of the proposed property.

How long before I know if my application has been approved?

We usually have the results back with 24-48 hours of submitting your application to the property manager and paying the application fee.  Please be sure to complete all the requested information on the application.  The process will only be delayed if you do not provide complete information.

When can I move in?

The actual date will depend on the condition of the property.  Before you can move in:

  • Any final touchups, cleaning, finishing repairs, etc., needs to be completed.
  • Lease paperwork needs to be signed
  • Rent needs to be received.
  • We need to conduct a move in walk-thru

After, and only after, these steps have been completed can you start to move in.  You cannot store any belongings in a garage or other out building until then.


Below is a list of utility providers most commonly used by our tenants.

Please provide your account numbers and insurance policy numbers in the form below.

Tenant Responsibilities


If you feel unsafe for any reason please call 911 before contacting us. If there is a fire or break-in or you smell gas please call 911 before contacting us.

After hours, on weekends and holidays, you can call our emergency phone for EMERGENCY purposes ONLY. An emergency would be a situation that MUST be dealt with after hours and CANNOT WAIT until regular business hours. This might include no heat, a building fire, a break-in, a significant water leak, or other TRUE emergency situations.

Move Ins:

Before moving into your new home, please call our office and make arrangements to pick up keys. Please call the utility companies (electric, gas etc) and put the utilities which are your responsible for into your name prior to move in.

Move Outs:

Please make sure the unit is left in the same condition that you found it when you moved in. Please return rental property keys to our office or make other arrangements with the property management team prior to move out.


Please let us know as maintenance issues arise in your residents. We would rather have items repaired before they cause additional damage or get worse. We prefer to be proactive in keeping the property in good working order.


Rents are due on or before the 1st of each month. We accept personal checks, bank checks, money orders, and cash when deposited to our bank account and you provide a printed receipt.

Use this form to submit payment receipt.


Proper notice must be giving in writing when moving out of an apartment or terminating a lease. Please refer to your lease or speak directly to a property manager.


Pets are not permitted in our units unless prior approval has been granted prior to move in or subsequent approval has been given for existing tenants. Certain types of pets or dog breeds may not be permitted at all. Please check with the management team.


It is the tenant’s responsibility to assure that the trash is placed curbside on trash pickup days. Tenants must also pull the trash barrels back onto the property after pick up. Do not over fill the barrels at any time. The trash pick schedule will vary depending on your address and may be delayed one day due to holidays. Trash must be place in covered trash barrels or in securely tied plastic bags. At our larger properties we may have an on site dumpster or other arrangements may be in place so get this information prior to move in. Recycling is the responsibility of the tenants and follows the same schedule as above.


Tenants are responsible to obtain their own rental insurance. Your personal property is not covered by any other insurance. Please speak to your insurance agents to establish your own rental policy.

Common Areas:

Personal items are not to be stored in the common areas of the building unless otherwise specified. The obstruction of common areas can be a fire hazard, so never block hallways, back doors, stairwells, egresses and the like. Do not store items in any utility rooms as this can be a fire hazard. Do not store items next to any furnace or hot water heater as this can be a fire hazard and may also block proper air flow to mechanical systems.


Please be courteous to your neighbors. Please keep noise down especially in the early morning hours and after 9pm. Please no loud parties, excessive traffic, or hanging out in the common areas of the property.


The winters in Kansas City metro can be quite unpredictable. Please use caution when entering and exiting your property during periods of snow, ice, sleet and rain. Ice may not be visible or may accumulate overnight or during periods of melting and refreezing. Please use extra caution at all times.


Mowing is generally not provided, however in some cases this service will be provided, and notated on your lease. For a reputable and affordable mowing company, we recommend our preferred vendor Thompson & Sons Lawns.

Tenant Online Portal

Tenants can access their online portal via this link:

Payment Form

Use the form below to submit verification of cash deposit to our bank account.

Payment Verification Form

Payments made with out documentation may be missed, not received, or not applied by our accounting depart.

Repair Requests

Before submitting a repair request please review the tips below and try the suggestions listed to fix your issue. All repair requests should be submitted via your online tenant portal for quickest response. Please use the button below to navigate to your portal login.

  • If there is no air coming out of the vents, check condition of air filter & replace if needed. Standard size is (16x25x1)
  • Make sure thermostat is set on AUTO not FAN
  • If you have a light switch in your furnace closet, put it to the “on” position.
  • If unit is frozen outside turn thermostat to “off” so unit defrosts.
  • Do not set thermostat below 70 degrees
  • If door is removed to access filter, it must be secured properly in order for unit to turn back on.
  • Safety feature will not allow gas to get to pilot light unless the vent cover is securely attached. This may be indicated with a flashing light.
  • Check condensation line/tube when water is around furnace area.
  • Check breaker box to ensure breaker has not tripped.

Fireplace Issues

Press the red igniter button several times to get gas through line before it will light.

Plumbing & Toilet Issues

  • Toilets are designed to use less water per flush. Hold down the handle longer or flush second time to ensure proper vacating of toilet.
  • If toilet is leaking turn off water at base.
  • If toilet is stopped-up plunge first before calling office.
  • Residents will be charged a maintenance fee if the cause is NOT a main line back up.
  • If toilet will not flush remove lid on back of tank and ensure flapper chain is still connected to flush arm.

Garbage Disposal

  • Check breaker box to ensure breaker has not been tripped.
  • Disposal  is usually jammed if it is buzzing when turned on, so check for debris.
  • Remove debris then push reset button on bottom of disposal. You may need to insert the disposal wrench (located under the sink or can be bought at any local hardware store.
  • Be sure disposal is plugged in to outlet.
  • Be sure to use COLD water and run plenty of water when using disposal.

    Please see below for items that should not be put down disposal:

    • Rice and pasta- No matter how much water you run or how long you run the appliance, you can never break rice or pasta down small enough. Both items swell when they are in contact with water, so the small pieces will eventually gather in the trap and swell until it is closed.
    • Animal bones- The garbage disposal is just not strong enough to break these down small enough to fit. Animal bones are the most common thing that jam disposals.
    • Grease- Grease will eventually solidify and clog a portion or all of your drain.
    • Egg shells- Despite what you may have heard, egg shells do not sharpen disposal blades.
    • Any kind of stringy or tough-peeled vegetable- This includes asparagus, lettuce, celery and potato peels.

    To sharpen blades, put ice cubes in disposals and turn on without water.

Electrical Outlets are Not Working

  • Reset GFI by pushing button in middle of outlet (usually a red button).
  • GFI units are usually in kitchen, bathroom & garage.
  • Check breaker box to be sure switch has not been tripped.


  • If dishwasher will not fill up with water and you have just moved in pour approximately ½ gallon of water in the basin inside the dishwasher and start again.
  • If debris appears on dishes after wash cycle, clean filter at bottom.

Low Water Pressure

  • If problem is only occurring with one faucet, unscrew the aerator at the faucet spout and clean out any small debris.

No Hot Water

  • Check thermostat setting
  • Gas Hot water heaters-Check to make sure pilot light is lit. Instructions for lighting the pilot are printed on the furnace.
  • Electric Hot water heater-Check main breaker panel to make sure the 220V furnace breaker is not tripped off.

Leak in Ceiling

  • Isolate when and where leak is coming from before calling for maintenance.
  • If leak occurs when toilet is flushed, turn off water to toilet and call the office.
  • If leak occurs when a bath is taken, then use shower until maintenance can fix leak.

Pest Control

  • Helpful Tips
    Move in boxes attract bugs, especially in storage areas. Secure belongings in Rubbermaid containers or other containers that are sealed.

    • Roaches: Use bombs & wait 2 weeks for treatment to take effect.
    • Ants: We suggest using Terro and Home Defense, which can be purchased at your local hardware store.
    • Mice: use traps.

Clogged Drains

  • Pour ½ cup of vinegar + 1 teaspoon of baking soda down the drain.

Cleaning Tips

  • To clean walls, use Industrial 409 which can be found at any Lowe’s retail location.
Tenant Checklist

Tenant Checklist

Instructions: Tenant(s) should complete this checklist within 24 hours of moving in. The tenant(s) and landlord or property manager should review the property, complete, and sign this checklist as a mutual agreement on the condition of the property upon move-in. Each party keeps a signed copy of the checklist. The tenant and landlord or property manager should examine this checklist during the pre-move-out inspection and again after move-out to determine if any of the security deposit will be deducted for cleaning or repairs.


Living Room

Dining Room






Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom

Bedroom #1

Bedroom #2

Bedroom #3

Bathroom #1

Bathroom #2




By signing below you agree to using this form/document and submission thereof as an agreement to have notated any issues to the best of your abilities, and understand that unless otherwise noted, all damages to the property/unit are under the tenant's responsibility and may be deducted from the security deposit upon move-out.

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