2023 Year-End Recap at Integrity Capital Management LLC!

Reflecting on 2023, Integrity Capital Management has navigated a transformative journey marked by impactful collaborations and a steadfast commitment to our mission: serving the underserved communities of Kansas City.

🤝 **Strategic Partnership Highlights:**

Exciting news! We’ve solidified a strategic partnership with NorthEast Neighborhood Trust, actively managing their initiative to provide rent-stable properties in Kansas City’s Historic Northeast Neighborhoods. This alliance underscores our dedication to ensuring housing stability for all, especially those often denied or overlooked by other property managers.

Read more about what a MINT (Mixed-Income Neighborhood Trust) is here. https://trustneighborhoods.com/whats-a-mint

🤲 **Empowering the Underserved:**

Our commitment to the underserved is at the core of our actions. Through collaborations with Restart, Rediscover, Children’s Mercy, New House, Community Linc, JVS (Jewish Vocational Services), Lykins Neighborhood Assoc, Bishop Sullivans, Kansas City Housing Authority, Independence Housing Authority, Lees Summit Housing Authority, and Journey to New Life, we’re providing housing solutions to those facing financial hardships or at risk of houselessness.

🏠 **Community Property Management & Holistic Impact:**

Embracing our role as the Community’s Property Manager, we’ve taken a neighborhood-scale approach to address needs comprehensively. From essential roof repairs in Blue Hills to targeted assistance with Habitat for Humanity, we’re making a tangible difference in the lives of families and communities.

🚀 **2024 Focus: Bridging the Gap & Symbiotic Ecosystem:**

Looking ahead to 2024, our focus intensifies on bridging the gap between property owners, renters, and the community. Our agenda involves educating all stakeholders on creating a symbiotic ecosystem. We’re dedicated to fostering a more inclusive and desirable city for everyone.

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Let’s continue to make waves in 2024, advancing our mission and creating positive change in the communities that need it most! 💙🏡

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